The Business Plan

The Business Plan

CA Boner Business Plans: Cheyenne & Laramie, WY

Business plan models, or outlines, are similar across the spectrum of business plan writing. This means that the requested information relating to the different sections of a business plan are similar but may differ in presentation and/or layout.

CA Boner Business Plans created, and uses, the business plan model as illustrated here. The triangle with the seven circles represents the business plan sections (the circles) that are in constant “motion” as the business starts and continues through the various business cycles. The triangle provides an anchor to the business planning process allowing for creation of strategic and tactical plans to accomplish the desired results.

It is important to understand that when there is a change in one of the circles (sections), it also creates change in the other circles. Nothing in a healthy business environment stays at a constant, therefore giving rise to "Your Business IN MOTION." Constant change requires the business plan to be a "working"
document assisting the business to remain focused on its
original intent while assessing opportunities and challenges.